cheap original nike kobe shoes history

 Zoom Kobe 1

05-06 season, long-awaited Kobe Bryant true first double signature fake kobe shoes zoom kobe1 finally come out. After a brief low and trouble-ridden days, Bryant such as the Phoenix Nirvana rebirth, averaging 43.3 points in January, the season averaged 35.4 points in the excellent performance of the Bryant became the incumbent scoring, but also that season, Bryant completed a single 81 points of the feat, although the history of NBA scoring record second, but we can see in this era of this game is that we can witness a miraculous presence. Of course, to complete all of this season, Bryant feet is wearing this pair of zoomkobe1, a large area of ​​carbon plate and zoom air use makes the stability of the replica kobes shoes and for the shock are very good, upper office at the big hollow design as HUARACHE series Of the shadow, this design is also better to enhance the flexibility, although a bit unsatisfactory in the breathable, but with this season so crazy Kobe Bryant we can no longer go to picky these cheap kobe shoes more.

Zoom Kobe 2

06-07 season, NIKE continues to KOBE launched ZOOMKOBE2, and the difference is zk2 divided into “ULTIMATE Ultimate Edition, STRENGTH Power Edition, LITE Lite” three shoes, although the three, but in fact the bones is the same shoes, Just the same soles for a different uppers. Do not know this is in the end the requirements of kobe or NIKE part of the business. Of course, the shoes itself is still very good, the whole palm zoom air and free with the fake kobe shoes made to ensure performance should Bryant on the site before and after the sense of the requirements of the palm 8 mm thickness greatly enhance the sense of the venue, and using a flexible light Quantitative material makes the weight of the whole shoe can be substantially reduced, giving good protection at the same time to ensure the performance of the fake kobes shoes, although it seems that these replica kobes  shoes and not because of the introduction of three versions of the Bryant series of classic, but also that era A good signature shoe.

Zoom Kobe 3

07-08 season, Bryant ushered in the transfer from Gasol, once again reached the finals, although not finally won the championship but that season the Lakers can be described as very holistic, and then Bryant NIKE period The third pair of signature shoes also will be born, this pair of ZK3 in appearance has a high degree of recognition, because it uses the same waffle mesh upper, and the mesh element has been extended from the upper to the soles, the overall Visual sense is very different, it can be said that the design of a new attempt and breakthrough. TPU shoe racks and provide protection and support lightweight breathable tight woven mesh is the characteristics of these cheap kobe shoes, the whole palm Cushlon foam midsole carbon fiber elastic support plate to further improve the response performance, and soles ZOOM AIR cushion cushioning and In the end of the carbon plate configuration so that the shoes closer to the ground, cushioning feedback is still good, quick response, although not to become a total champion boots but ZK3 may well be a pair of good kobe 11 elite shoes.

Fire again before Retired!Nike Kobe 11 shoes will be packaged to sell!

Bryant – Bryant’s retired tour will not be only the feast with the fans, or organization people’s carnival. Well-known sporting goods firm Nike is clearly not missed the chance with the gold rush, they plan to re-design subsequent month for all of the footwear Bryant repackaged onto the market place, by Kobe Bryant’s final season in the kobe 11 elite shoes market place a really hard fishing .
might be packaged to sell Bryant boots

November 2015, Bryant announced
around the internet site this season are going to be their last season, only a month later, Nike released Kobe Bryant’s newest shoes Kobe11, triggering several fans of nike kobe shoes and fans with the heat Holding. With Bryant’s retirement, this section nike kobe 11 is clearly also are going to be provided some unique which means, it can be the fans dream of collectibles. Nowadays Nike further “fanatical”, they announced that Bryant 1 to 11 on behalf of the next month will all appear within the market.

Several years ago, Nike has Bryant 1 to Bryant 8    several footwear packaged sales, and named “Prelude” elite suit, also called the master of the road. The Nike also need to possess a pretty cool name to the “Black Mamba” to spend tribute to this Kobe suit was named “Fade to Black” (the darkness disappeared, metal band Metallica features a single).

It is actually noteworthy that, so as to fit the “fade to black” the name of Nike’s new listing of this entire set of kobe 11 shoes may possibly only use black and white two colors, and each and every generation of color deeper than the previous generation.