Kobe Bryant shoes’s history


08 Olympic Games, HYPERDUNK series of pioneering works HYPERDUNK2008 available, the new flywire fly line technology, lunarlite and zoom with this pair of well-known designer ERIC AVAR personally surgeon design shoes presented by Bryant in front of us, as the main light High-tech shoes with a large area of ​​PVC material instead of the traditional leather uppers, but also marks the beginning of the era of plastic fake kobe shoes, although a lot of weight reduction, but did not affect its comfort. In that session of the Olympic Games, this pair of replica kobe shoes with Kobe Bryant led the US men’s basketball won the Olympic gold medal.


After the Olympic Games, once again return to the NBA stadium, a pair of test shoes NIKE HYBRID by Bryant brought to us, as HYPERDUNK and KOBE4 mixed test version, HYPERDUNK uppers with KOBE4 with the sole, it exists to KOBE4 To bring change to help kobe low shoes before Bryant to adapt to such a transition.


08-09 season, for Bryant, the most important thing only the championship. In this season, Bryant once again proved himself, broke away from O’Neal will not be able to get the general manager of the rumors, in one fell swoop reached the finals and won the championship finals mvp, after the last three consecutive, ok combination collapse As well as personal trouble-ridden low, Bryant through their own efforts and adherence to the belief in basketball once again came to the peak, in the rise of the days of unconventional shoes is indispensable, as another pair of championship boots, low to help The emergence of shoes zk4 for the first time to change the fake kobes basketball shoes in high-consistent design, the use of PHYLON material in the weight to reduce 30% of the LUNARLITE FOAM, large area using FLYWIRE to shoes weight becomes more lightweight, low to help design more Ankle increased flexibility to fully meet Bryant’s shoes on the light, the sense of replica kobes shoes and the flexibility of the demands of the venue, and from low to help the design of cheap kobe shoes will frequently appear in our field of vision, also won the love of many basketball fans .


09-10 season, Bryant embarked on his defending the road, and James duel in the Christmas war we saw this pair of new zk5, continued zk4 light and low to help style and return to the front and rear zoom configuration, More excellent one-piece upper and fly line with the cheap kobes shoes more comfortable, zoom good feedback to ensure the cushioning performance of shoes, and ECG soles of the lines in addition to providing good grip even more interesting, put on this pair of zk5 Of Bryant also live up to expectations in the finals to lead the Lakers defending championship, zk5 has become a new generation of championship boots.


10-11 season, Bryant nike sixth-generation boots debut, fine imitation snake uppers is the highlight of this nike kobe 11 shoe, familiar with Bryant’s people know that Bryant was likened to his favorite animal black Mamba snake. Black Mamba snake is characterized by fast, fierce, fatal blow, this feature and Bryant’s performance on the pitch is exactly the same, the black Mamba metaphor for us more representative of Kobe for basketball, for this one he loved Career attitudes, this attitude and even affect the lives of many people. This pair of zk6 continuation of the configuration and foot feeling before, although the face of the black mamba snake scales imitation vivid but in durability is a drawback, and there is no obvious breakthrough in technology, but this does not prevent this Double zk6 is called a pair of good nike kobes shoes.

As early as 9 on the rumors of Kobe Bryant


As early as 9 on the rumors of Kobe Bryant on the  last pair of signature cheap kobe shoes, but 9 generations 10 generations are not, to the 15-16 this season, Bryant is difficult to change in the case of the team has finally chosen to retire, this KOBE11 true sense Kobe Bryant in the NBA last advent of a pair of fake kobe shoes, Kobe11 uses a minimalist design concept, using innovative tupflynit upper, tpu line to join in the fit of the foot at the same time more protective, insole cushioning system further complete Abandoned in the end material, using the lunar material with free cutting continues the previous generation of cushioning technology and ID version more full lunar and full palm zoom option, the most characteristic is the soles with full palm all transparent crystal outsole, You can even see the insoles directly from the outside look, as a pair of performance and selling point of the fake kobes shoes kobe11 elite shoes is undoubtedly a pair of good shoes, and as Kobe Bryant last generation track boots minimalist design does not make like Kobe Bryant fans satisfaction.

With Kobe retired letters spread all over the world every corner of the giant on the court he finally completed the journey in the NBA arena, Bryant this road ups and downs and misfortune has been difficult to use any words to sum up to sum up, up to 20 years of the game exhausted that 17-year-old young man of all the good years, in exchange for now picturesque play technology, mature man and his mind worthy of Kobe Bryant and all his life to countless wonderful memories of the screen, This 20-year gains and losses now seem less important, that once very young radicals are now more like a golf course on the highly respected elders, Bryant from the fledgling rookie players with his unparalleled dedication and as a serious attitude Really out of a master of their own way.

For us, Kobe Bryant vividly scoring signal-style jerseys classic action, the picturesque bottom line turned around and jump shot, won the championship in front of the auditorium, the roar has become an indelible memory of our hearts, no doubt in 20 Year, we also witnessed the star’s great career in Kobe last season, although Bryant is not the peak of Bryant averaged 30 + but he is still with his persistent perseverance to reproduce the performance of a single field of 30 + Although the years away with his young body, we no longer see Kobe buckle Howard’s feat, but he is still staged in front of us dunk, staged a critical moment of the score performance, I think Kobe Bryant’s Mamba spirit is Bryant NBA stadium for us to learn all the things worthy of life, even in the absence of Kobe Bryant, there is no boss of the same day to inspire us to love things for their consistent and serious attitude. Finally, I wish Kobe Bryant, the blessing of the master who accompanied us for 20 years, thank him for his paranoid attitude and the best time to give us the best of those wonderful memories.


Fire again before Retired!Nike Kobe 11 shoes will be packaged to sell!

Bryant – Bryant’s retired tour will not be only the feast with the fans, or organization people’s carnival. Well-known sporting goods firm Nike is clearly not missed the chance with the gold rush, they plan to re-design subsequent month for all of the footwear Bryant repackaged onto the market place, by Kobe Bryant’s final season in the kobe 11 elite shoes market place a really hard fishing .
might be packaged to sell Bryant boots

November 2015, Bryant announced
around the internet site this season are going to be their last season, only a month later, Nike released Kobe Bryant’s newest shoes Kobe11, triggering several fans of nike kobe shoes and fans with the heat Holding. With Bryant’s retirement, this section nike kobe 11 is clearly also are going to be provided some unique which means, it can be the fans dream of collectibles. Nowadays Nike further “fanatical”, they announced that Bryant 1 to 11 on behalf of the next month will all appear within the market.

Several years ago, Nike has Bryant 1 to Bryant 8    several footwear packaged sales, and named “Prelude” elite suit, also called the master of the road. The Nike also need to possess a pretty cool name to the “Black Mamba” to spend tribute to this Kobe suit was named “Fade to Black” (the darkness disappeared, metal band Metallica features a single).

It is actually noteworthy that, so as to fit the “fade to black” the name of Nike’s new listing of this entire set of kobe 11 shoes may possibly only use black and white two colors, and each and every generation of color deeper than the previous generation.