Masters of the road—- Kobe Shoes series(Part I)

If a person in an industry for 20 years, then he must be a veteran. If a person in the 20 years of hard work, then we can call him a model worker. But if a person with 20 years in their most loving thing with almost paranoid self-request constantly tempered themselves and with a consistent attitude to face all the ups and downs and waves, then this person you can not use simple The success or failure to describe him, he has become a master. Today we have to talk about this person we will not unfamiliar, NBA League career 20 set, the achievements of such a master, he is Kobe Bryant.

Like many NBA stars, with an unparalleled dazzling talent and enthusiasm, Bryant joined the NBA as a talented high school student, starting his first step on the road to great mastery. Dunk king, mvp, championship, FMVP, five championships, a single 61 points, lore, riding buckle Howard, single-game 81 points … 20 years, may have gone beyond a lot of friends watching the warm duration , Maybe now you like is not basketball, maybe the complete reading of Kobe Bryant this 20 years the way the youngest basketball friends have also come to middle age, but when Bryant announced that we want to retire when we look back to understand the review of the master Career, I believe each of us will be sigh, Bryant made his master’s career and each of us, regardless of Kosheko honey have become the great witness. Let us Bryant’s boots as a timeline to revisit the master of Bryant’s road.

Time came in 1996, the first round of the thirteenth overall, the Hornets selected Kobe Bryant and his trade to the Lakers, since then, Bryant put on the body throughout the career of the purple jersey started with the Lakers Indissoluble bond. The first year of his career, Bryant is still at the end of the Lakers bench, but the shoe business giant ADIDAS will see him, 17-year-old left high school Bryant won a 48 million US dollars six-year contract shoes. In that shoe technology to accelerate the progress of the 90’s, technology has led the sales of hot shoes, so Bryant will endorse the then ADIDAS latest concept “FEET YOUR WEAR” Tianzu series.


Based on the concept of bionic system, the natural foot series is based on the concept of the evolution of the evolution of human foot, the evolution of time was significantly shorter than the human foot shoes, the use of this concept to enhance the comfort of shoes functional and technical sense Is very reasonable, even to the present concept of bionic shoes is also very practical design. As a series of early products Tianzu, this pair of EQT TOP TEN 2000 is not so perfect, all aspects are more general, but also the beginning of the series Tianzu, combined with the cooperation with Kobe Bryant, the two sides have also been a lot of attention.

EQT Top Ten 2010

97 years, soon into the NBA Kobe Bryant is already a minor celebrity, and as an upgraded version of TOP TEN 2000 TOP TEN 2010 the timely introduction of the natural Bryant has become the foot of the shoes. This pair of shoes is still using the concept of the natural foot soles, the difference is improved upper, the use of the heel cross-type high-strength rubber band design, without sacrificing ankle flexibility to enhance the conditions of the ankle package, More comfortable.


Early taste of the taste of the playoffs, Kobe Bryant earlier put on this pair of EQT ELEVATION, in the dunk contest on the 18-year-old Bryant with excellent bounce and body flexibility to the wonderful performance of the victory over Michael Finley Ray Allen, who won the dunk champion, and Bryant called on the double EQT ELEVATION also of great concern, asymmetric shoelace design, exaggerated lines were relish, as one of the early representatives of Bryant shoes.

Adidas kb 8 I

97-98 season, Bryant finally ushered in his true sense of the first pair of signature shoes adidas kb 8 I, reflective material to stop the phenomenon of the material to stop breaking, the use of patent leather to design ADI three strap design, shoes With some of the continuation of the previous generations of cross-strengthening with the design makes the ankle without loss of flexibility at the same time get better protection and the use of Tianzu technology for the first time using the ADIPRENE technology with more successful TORSIONSYSTEM anti-reverse system makes this pair of shoes with All aspects of the upgrade, and the weight of the whole shoe is more light. With the season averaging 15.4 points Bryant wearing its first-generation signature shoes in the All-Star game and Jordan staged a duel.

Adidas kb 8 II

98-99 shrinking season, Bryant put on his second-generation signature shoes adidas kb 8 II, mature Tianzu technology, the forefoot to add ADIPRNE + increased cushioning, insole with adiLux, the technology is to add insole Shock system, and built-in die-casting EVA in the end, with adiPRENE + so that it can bring a good cushioning, reduce fatigue and sports injuries and follow the TORSION SYSTEM, shoes uppers use a large area of ​​breathable metallic mesh Fiber, this material more to enhance the permeability of the shoes, the corresponding lining material for additional regulation to ensure the fiber material support and protection of the player’s feet, good foot feeling and combat performance makes adidas kb 8 II in the Sales are also very impressive, it can be said that this pair of shoes is Bryant ADI period one of the best boots.

Adidas kb 8 III

99-00 season, as Bryant Adi period of the last pair of days of football shoes, while retaining the predecessor of science and technology at the same time, the use of full leather upper design, wearing a sense of comfort and the first time to join the boots design to enhance the sense of package. However, due to the expiration of ADI-day technology contracts Bryant had to give up it, but this pair of shoes or get a good sales.

The Kobe I

Abandon the Tianzu technology ADI reference Kobe Bryant’s advice for the redesign of the boots, drawing on the shape of TT sports car exaggerated design, exactly like THEKOBE1 sports car lines come out. Although there is no Tianzu technology, performance is not very good, but the dual use of the whole palm adiPRENE + and TORSION SYSTEM cool shoes have witnessed Bryant’s first championship, became the championship boots. 00-01 season wearing the double THEKOBE1, Kobe Bryant scored a scoring average of 28.5 points, for three consecutive years All-Star starter and beat the peak period in the finals Iverson led the 76ers won the second time, smashing AI championship dream, which is this pair of shoes for the second time in the championship podium.

The kobe II

01-02 season, THE KOBE II come out, the continuation of the sports car design, but it does not please, exaggerated style and poor ventilation for this pair of shoes ushered in a very bad evaluation, and Bryant also in the finals On the track in exchange for THE KOBE1 to become the first to witness the history of three championship boots. The Bryant’s approach also makes ADI quite dissatisfied, thus planning a contradiction, the two sides broke up. So far cultivated the Tianzu technology ADI also witnessed the growth of Kobe Bryant and witnessed the three championship Kobe Bryant achievements of the peak period, could have been through Bryant’s star effect and mature Tianzu technology to lay a basketball shoe market , But with the ADI on the Tianzu give up and Bryant’s displeasure, ADI in the basketball product design and market into a few years of silence, although after ADI also renamed kobe shoes for the crazy series to complex Carved, but it can not make up for the loss of kobe loss. Kobe Bryant that ADIDAS did not give him enough personal respect, nor according to his style designed to make him satisfied with a pair of shoes, while the latter in the termination of the contract that “can not be signed within one year with any brand” terms, to both sides Of the cooperation left an unfulfilled outcome.